1. Assessor

    Learn about how the Assessor's Office assesses property values in Bethlehem.

  2. Building Division

    Find information about the Building Division of the Department of Economic Development and Planning.

  3. Cable Television Administrator

    Read about the Cable Television Administrator.

  4. Comptroller

    Find financial reports, policy changes, and town budget information.

  5. Economic Development & Planning

    Read about the Economic Development and Planning Department including the Building Division.

  6. Emergency Management

    Find information on the Emergency Management Office including resources for residents and businesses.

  7. Highway

    Read about the seasonal and annual programs offered by the Highway Department.

  8. Human Resources

    Discover information on the Human Resources Department, find job postings and employment applications.

  9. Justice Court

    Learn about the Justice Court, fines, tickets and the court calendar.

  10. Management of Information Services

    Find out the responsibilities of our award-winning Management of Information Services Department.

  11. Parks & Recreation

    Find out about the recreational facilities and programs offered by the Parks and Recreation Department.

  12. Police

    Find everything you need to know about the Police Department.

  13. Public Works

    Water, Sewer, Engineering, GIS

  14. Recycling

    Learn more about how you can help the environment by recycling.

  15. Senior Services

    See what kinds of services are available for the elderly (and others) in Bethlehem.

  16. Supervisor

    Find out more about what the supervisor does.

  17. Tax

    Browse general tax information and payment details.

  18. Town Attorney

    Read an overview on what the town attorney does for Bethlehem.

  19. Town Clerk

    Find information for licenses, permits, FOIL and more.

  20. Town Historian

    Learn more about the amazing history of Bethlehem.

  21. Youth Court

    Find out more about the Bethlehem Youth Court.

  22. Youth Employment Service

    If you are a young person and looking for work, or a local business or resident needing help, check here for available opportunities.