Modified Fun Friday at Elm Avenue ParkStudents Craving Really Exciting Activities in Middle School

The SCREAMS Club is a series of supervised monthly recreational events for middle school students who reside in the Town of Bethlehem or the Bethlehem School District. Activities and events may include roller/ice skating, trips to movie theaters, bowling, YMCA, etc.  Club membership is required in order to attend and participate in any/all events. Once you become a member you will receive email notification of upcoming events and may register online for all future events.  New this year - we will be limiting our group sizes per NYS guidelines.

Activity / Event Online Registration

Chaperones Needed
We will not be utilizing parent chaperones this year due to COVID-19.

SCREAMS Club Membership Required
In order to participate in any event or activity with the SCREAMS Club membership is required. Please read through our COVID-19 response.

There is no membership fee this year. Please return the completed SCREAMS Club membership form to the Park Office, 261 Elm Avenue, Delmar 12054 or via email to

Activities Coordinator

  • Emily Field

2020 SCREAMS Fall/Winter Events

September 25, FridayModified Fun Friday at Elm Avenue ParkSCREAMS logo
October 16, FridayMovie at the Park
November 21Paint and Sip
December 11, FridayHoliday Fun Night