Online Property Tax Bill/Receipt

View your property tax bill and payment receipt online using SDG Image Mate Online.  The Image Mate Online system provides you with information on real property data maintained by the Town of Bethlehem Assessor's Office as well as tax bill and payment information maintained by the Receiver of Taxes. The site allows you to view property information, structure information, exemption information, property sale information, as well as, tax bill and payment information. The site also offers the capability to perform comparable property assessment and sales searches.

                                                      SDG Image Mate Online System
Note:  The Town no longer collects school tax payments.  For BCSD and RCSD 2014 and later, and GCSD 2015 and later, school tax bill and payment information please visit one of the websites listed below.  

    Bethlehem Central School District website.
    Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School District website.
    Guilderland Central School District website.