Water Rent, Permit & Testing Fees

Effective January 2016

Water Rent Rates
Water Rent
Water Rate Tier
Price / CCF
Up to 500 cubic feet
501 CF to 5,000 cubic feet
5,001 CF to 50,000 cubic feet
50,001 CF to 500,000 cubic feet
500,001 cubic feet and over
 Please note that 1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons. 
Minimum Consumption and Bill by Meter Size

Meter Size

Minimum Consumption
(cubic feet)
Minimum Consumption
5/8 and 3/4
1 1/2
3, 4, 6, 8, and 10

Basic Service Fee 
There is a basic service fee of $5.00 for every combined water/sewer bill. This is a charge to cover costs for meter reading and billing. This charge is the same regardless of how much water and sewer is used during the billing period.
1.   All rates above are for customers within Town of Bethlehem Water Districts
2.   Out-of-district customers will be billed twice in-District rates
3.   A 10% late fee will be assessed on any bill not paid by the due date

Water Permit and Tap Fees
Water Permit Type                   Rate
Water Tap and Meter $1,650
Meter Only $620
Hydro Seeding Permit $200
Frost Bottom $120
Meter Test $60
Service Calls
(e.g., locating curb box, turning water on/off)
($120 on weekends and holidays)

Backflow Prevention Device Review Fee

Type of Test   Rate
Review Fee $200

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing Fees

Type of test Rate
Witnessing of Fire Flow Test (test by others) $175.00 per test
Performance of Fire Flow Test and Analysis $350.00 per test

A service charge of 1.5% per month for permit/tap and flow testing fees for balances due after 30 days.