Local Waterfront Revitalization Advisory Group

The Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) Advisory Committee will help guide the Town’s development of a revised Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), a state program that offers local government the opportunity to participate in the State Coastal Management program.  The purpose is to guide the future of Bethlehem’s waterfront area by creating a balance between future development and the protection of the unique environment and heritage of the Hudson riverfront. The LWRP will serve as a guide for decision making when evaluating policies, programs and projects within the riverfront areas; it is recognized under state and federal law and can both influence their decisions and help attract grant and aid funds.

The Town’s intention is to build upon the work of an earlier Draft Local Waterfront Revitalization Program prepared in 2007. This work was recommended by the Comprehensive Plan Assessment Committee which provided a complete report in 2014; their report recommended that an updated version of the LWRP be created.

In late September 2018, the Town sent the Draft LWRP to the Department of State for their internal/legal review. We anticipate receiving their comments in late October/early November, which will establish a schedule for completion and final adoption by the Town Board in April/May 2019. Prior to adoption, the Town will hold a public meeting to present the Final Draft LWRP and include further discussion on upcoming Town Board meetings in 2018-2019.

View the Draft LWRP February 2020 and its Appendices
Appendix A - LWRP Consistency Review Law and Waterfront Assessment Form
Appendix B - Henry Hudson Park Master Plan
Appendix C - Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats
Appendix D - Hudson River Underwater Lands
Appendix E - Maps and Other Supporting Resources