Bethlehem 20/20 Advisory Committe

  • Terri Egan, Co-Chair
  • Kenneth Ringler, Co-Chair
  • Steve Baboulis
  • Keith Bennett
  • James Blendell
  • Mort Borzykowski
  • John Clarks
  • Steve Coffey
  • Perter Conway

  • Joane Cunningham
  • Lisa Evens
  • Cathy Griffin
  • Susan Hager
  • Terry Hanigan
  • Dick Kotlow
  • Jim Lytle
  • John Piechik
  • Ted Putney

  • Pam Robbins
  • Patty Salkin
  • Brian Stenson
  • Suszanne Traylor
  • Bert Trombly
  • Bob Verstanding, Jr.
  • Bob Ward
  • Ann Wedth
Town 20/20 Staff Leaders
  • Sam Messina, Town Supervisor
  • George Leveille, Chairman, Planning Board
The Bethlehem 2020 Advisory Committee (20/20) was established by the Town Board at its meeting of January 23, 2008. The mission of the 20/20 Committee was to assist the town in making key organizational and investment decisions to ensure that it maximizes the potential to achieve the Comprehensive Plan's vision.

The 20/20 Committee was responsible for providing general advice and guidance to the town and for assisting in the development and review of interim and final work products and reports.