COVID-19 is a historic epidemic requiring decisive action and hard changes. Recognizing this, on March 16, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order for Town governments to reduce their workforces.  To this end, Town Hall and other Town buildings will be closed until further notice.  That said, Town employees are working from home and on altered schedules, and are responding to phone calls and emails as quickly as possible.  Please see the court web page for information on their operations.  Please see the Transfer Station web page for information on their operations.  Please see the Building Division and Planning Division pages for temporary policy updates.

If you own or manage a building in Town that has been temporarily shut down during the pandemic, the Department of Public Works has released a memorandum with guidance on how to address water quality in the building’s plumbing system prior to re-opening.

Our goal is to continue delivering critical services – including police protection, clean water, and safe sewage removal – while protecting our employees and slowing the spread of COVID-19. We will post updates on the Town website and Facebook. Thank you for your understanding, and let’s work together as a community to stop this terrible epidemic.

The Town of Bethlehem is working hard to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and protect our staff, our residents, and our businesses.


The Town delivers a wide range of services, some of which we consider essential for public health and safety.  These essential services include police protection, delivery of clean drinking water, removal and cleaning of sewage, and ensuring that our most vulnerable, isolated senior residents are safe.

We are preparing detailed operating plans for delivering essential services should the State government shut down, and in turn, the Town government has to shut down.  We hope this will not come to pass, but we must be prepared for the worst.

We are also disinfecting our Town facilities daily, and sadly we have had to cancel many of our Town-organized programs in accordance with CDC and NYS Dept of Health recommendations.  Please check Featured News on the Town home page for updates on meeting and program cancellations.


The Centers for Disease Control, NYS Dept of Health, and Albany County Dept of Health have made it very clear that WE individually also have key roles to play. WE must wash our hands more often. WE must practice good coughing & sneezing etiquette. WE must stay home when we feel unwell. And WE must check on our vulnerable neighbors to make sure they’re well, and perhaps even help by going grocery shopping for them.

The COVID-19 outbreak in New York is serious.  We in Town government are taking it seriously.  We as individuals need to take it seriously as well, and each do our part to limit its spread and help our neighbors.



Because this is a health emergency, we are following the lead of the federal Centers for Disease Control, NYS Dept of Health, and the Albany County Dept of Health.  They are the experts on epidemics and the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and they are the best sources of information for Bethlehem residents and businesses.

For information on scheduling, please contact:

For other COVID-19 questions, please contact:

  • Town Supervisor’s Office   518-439-4955, ext. 1164