Food Trucks and Vending

The Parks and Recreation Department has been approved by the Town Board to proceed with an application process to solicit vending of food trucks, carts, vans, etc., in parks.

All applications and general inquiries should be directed to the Administrator of Parks and Recreation, Jason Gallo,

General information about this process:

  • Vending calendar will be June-Labor Day, 12 noon - 8 pm at Elm Avenue Park
  • A fee of $50 per 7 days is required (does not have to be consecutive days), $25 for smaller carts
  • Venders will set up outside and adjacent to the pool complex
  • All park users will have access
  • After application and all other required forms are submitted (see application for list of required forms), a schedule will be coordinated with the vendor and then contract drawn up
  • All contracts are not confirmed until authorized by the Town Board at a regularly scheduled meeting
  • Vending at other parks and/or beyond June-Labor Day will be reviewed on an individual basis