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1. Where in Town Hall is the Building Department located?
2. Where in Town Hall is the Planning Department located?
3. Who can I contact to ask about construction activity?
4. Who should I contact to ask about proposed projects?
5. What type of project requires a building permit?
6. How do I apply for a building permit?
7. How long does the permit application process take?
8. Do I have to be present when the building inspector is conducting an inspection?
9. How can I find information on zoning?
10. Where can I learn about the land use, planning, and review process?
11. Who do I contact to report a code violation?
12. How can I get a copy of a survey for my property?
13. Where can I get a copy of the deed for my property?
14. Where can I get more information about the roundabouts in town?
15. Can I have an in-law or accessory apartment?