Development Planning Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Meets when necessary
  • Town Hall
    Room 101
    445 Delaware Ave.
    Delmar, NY 12054

Agendas & Minutes

As of the May 2021 meeting for the Development Planning Committee, meeting summaries as well as the current and previous agendas are available on the Town Meetings web portal.


  • Robert Leslie, Director, Economic Development and Planning
  • Leslie Lombardo, Senior Planner, Economic Development and Planning
  • Nate Owens, Senior Planner, Economic Development and Planning
  • Debbie Kitchen, Planning Board Secretary
  • Marc Dorsey, Superintendent of Highways
  • Paul Penman, Town Engineer, Engineering Division, Public Works
  • Kevin Perazzelli, Assistant Engineer, Engineering Division, Public Works
  • Matt Hoffman, Assistant Engineer, Engineering Division, Public Works
  • Howard Hyer, Director of Field Operations, Public Works
  • Kathleen Reid, Zoning Board Secretary

Responsibilities of Committee

The Development Planning Committee (DPC) consists of representatives of the various town departments that are involved in facilitating or servicing development projects in town. The DPC functions under the direction of the Department of Economic Development and Planning (DEDP). The DPC holds regularly scheduled monthly meetings during which prospective developers can present development concepts and receive feedback from the town on a host of development related issues. The DPC facilitates early communication between the town and developers during the project concept phase with regard to a variety of issues including, among other things, the following:
  • Consistency with the planning, zoning, building code, and land use regulations
  • Environmental impacts
  • Compliance with stormwater regulations
  • Neighborhood compatibility
  • Availability and adequacy of public facilities (water mains, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and roads)
  • Consideration of fire and life safety
  • Potential for land conservation or park land development
  • Economic and fiscal impacts
  • The DPC generally meets on the third Thursday of the month at 10 a.m.; the meetings are open to the public. Developers or their representatives wishing to be placed on the DPC agenda or for questions on meeting dates or times, contact Kathleen Reid at 518-439-4955, extension 1158.
Please see the forms page for appropriate forms such as the Sketch Plan Application.