Our Stormwater Management Program

The documents below detail everything you need to know about our stormwater management program in Bethlehem.

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Stormwater Management Program

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Target Audience Analysis Maps

The documents below have been created to depict areas within the Town boundaries where concentrated activities identified by NYS DEC and EPA are of high concern to stormwater quality and conservation.  The 6 identified activities are Commercial property use, Industrial property use, Medical Property use, Motor Vehicle property use, Residential property use, and areas which utilize septic systems.  These maps are here to show concentrated areas currently effected by these specific practices or have the potential to be effected areas based upon zoning and land use laws adopted by the Town board and its different governing bodies.  This information will help the Town make decisions on the potential adverse effects of these impacts on the watersheds and surface waters located in these areas and potential downstream of these areas.  These maps should not be used to identify individual places or parcels affiliated with one of these practices.