Farms and Forests Conservation Program

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For us, the Bethlehem Conservation Easement Exemption program was a no-brainer. We enjoy looking out our window and seeing this 11-acre forest, unencumbered by houses, street lights, driveways and cars, knowing that the land is home to countless wildlife and plant species, a pristine creek, wetlands, and tranquil solitude... We decided to conserve our forest in perpetuity, which gave us a 90% tax exemption on this land.” 

- Bethlehem Conservation Program participating landowner

Bethlehem is partnering with landowners, conservation groups, and agricultural nonprofits to ensure that our community’s rich landscape of farms and forests, meadows and creeks, persists alongside our residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, and industries.  Use the page links to learn more about our many collaborative programs!

Questions about the Town’s voluntary landowner conservation programs? Please contact: Lauren Axford, Open Space Coordinator at 518-439-4955 x 1106, 

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