Proposition 2 on the back of the Nov 8, 2022 ballot

Proposition 2 passes with 61% majority

Proposition #2 on the back of the November 8, 2022 ballot asked voters whether or not they support the town purchasing 307 acres of historic farmland in Glenmont and Selkirk.  

  • A YES vote was to approve the farmland purchase.
  • A NO vote was to reject the farmland purchase.

Prop #2 Referendum Question

The referendum on the ballot will read:  

  • “Shall the resolution adopted by the Town Board, Town of Bethlehem on July 27, 2022, authorizing the Comptroller of the Town of Bethlehem to expend from the Farms & Forest Fund up to $2,200,000 and to expend from the Parkland Setaside Reserve Fund up to $200,000 to purchase 9 parcels of land located in the Town, consisting of 307 total acres, total purchase price of $3,000,000, be approved.”
    • The referendum question does not include $700,000 of American Rescue Plan funds because they are not subject to permissive referendum.
    • The total of the three funds includes an additional $100,000 for anticipated closing costs.

Proposition 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Map Milltowne Parcels
Clapper Farm num1 6-7-2022