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Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative Plan - First Draft Available for Review/Comment

The first draft of the Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative Plan is available for community review and comment.  As you review it, please remember:

  • The draft is a foundation upon which we will build the final plan. It is not a completed document.
  • The content and organization of this first draft plan is largely based on the questions and issues raised in the NYS Reform & Reinvention Collaborative resource guide, with an emphasis on issues raised by community members.
  • Reform & Reinvention Opportunities are intended as prompts for the final solutions that will come from the community and the Advisory Committee, not as pre-determined ultimatums. Going forward, our key challenge will be to identify solutions that are clearly connected to, and will have a positive effect on resolving, issues identified through the Collaborative effort.
  • Please submit suggested changes in writing to  First round comments are due by Feb 5, 2021 but earlier submissions would be greatly appreciated.

Articles, Reports, and Studies

Governor’s Guidance for the Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative

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