Dog Park Permits

Permits to use the town dog park are available at the Town Clerk's office for dogs licensed in the Town of Bethlehem only. The cost of a permit, which is good from January 1 through December 31 of each year, is $30. Those applying for a permit must show that the dog is licensed and present proof of immunization against rabies and distemper. 

The annual permit will be $30 per dog. The fee will be reduced to $15 beginning October 1st. Senior Citizens aged 62 and older will have a fee of $15. The fee will be waived for individuals who have temporary ownership of a dog who is being trained to help people (i.e. Seeing eye, police, rescue). Proof of temporary ownership will be required. The fee is also waived for those owners with a service dog who is assisting a disabled individual. Identification papers must be presented. Any replacement dog tag will be $5. 

Emergency Alarm Permit

Covered under the town code, Chapter 35 (please wait for the code to load, you will be taken directly to the correct chapter).  Every owner of an emergency alarm shall apply for an emergency alarm permit.

Handicap Parking Permits

Residents with physical disabilities are eligible to receive a special Department of Motor Vehicle Parking Permit which will allow them to park in specified restricted areas that provide easy access to businesses, offices, stores, etc. To obtain such a permit, an application form must be completed, certified and signed by a physician and returned to the Town Clerk’s office.

Special handicap license plates are issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle.

Peddler's Permits

Covered under the town code, Chapter 86, unless associated with a not-for-profit group, anyone soliciting door-to-door must have a Peddler's Permit. The permit is good for one calendar year. Residents are encouraged to have anyone who solicits show a permit.

Trailers / Trailer Camps

Covered under the town code, Chapter 115, an application must be submitted to have a trailer at a camp.  Please see Section 6 of Chapter 115 for any applicable fees.