General Property Tax Information

Property Tax Bills

Property owners who do not have an escrow account will be billed directly. For those with an escrow account, statements will be sent to the bank or financial institution holding the account.

The back of the tax statement contains important information on exemptions, deadlines, and third-party notification. Taxpayers are urged to look carefully to see if any of the provisions contained therein apply to them. If you did not receive a tax bill, or if you have an escrow account and were sent a bill in error, please contact the Tax Department at 518-439-4955, ext. 1181.

Refinancing & Escrow Accounts

To avoid potential billing problems and penalties, property owners who switch banks to refinance, whose financial institution is involved in a merger, or who satisfy their mortgage are asked to notify the tax office. This will assure that the bill will be mailed correctly. The town will not waive late payment penalties because of tardy paperwork by a lending institution or because a tax bill was mailed to a wrong address.


New York State law provides that a municipality cannot waive penalties on real estate taxes received after the due date for any reason. To avoid delay by mail, make certain that payment is either hand delivered to the tax office, or that you witness a timely official United States postmark being affixed to the envelope.

Postage meters and foreign postmarks are not acceptable. Timely payment of property taxes is the responsibility of the property owner(s). By law, failure to receive a bill shall not in any way affect the validity of the taxes or interest.

Tax Exemptions

You may be eligible for veterans, senior citizen, or STAR property tax exemptions. Applications are due by March 1 to apply for such an exemption. For further information, please call the assessor's office at 518-439-4955, ext. 1104.

Third Party Notification

If you are disabled, or 65 years of age or over and own a one, two, or three family home, you may designate an adult consenting third party to receive duplicate copies of tax bills and notices of unpaid taxes. Applications are available on the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance web site or at the receiver of taxes office and must be filed by December 15 for the next property tax bill and by May 15 for the next school tax bill.


If your tax bill notifies you that taxes from a prior levy are owing on this property, please contact and make payment to the:
Albany County Director of Finance Office
112 State St.
Albany, NY 12207

You may also call 518-447-7082. Continued failure to pay all of the taxes levied against the property will result in the loss of the property.

Tax Payment Receipts

Your canceled check is your receipt of payment. If you require a receipt, one can be obtained on this web site by using the View Online Property Tax Bill/Receipt - Town Assessment and Tax Information link (instructions provided).  If your check can be the receipt, just mail the bottom stub (receiver's stub) with your check and keep the top portion for your records. If you pay in person, please bring in the entire bill so that we can receipt the top portion for you.

School Taxes

The Town of Bethlehem does NOT collect school taxes.

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