Property Tax Rates

Listed below are the property tax rates for properties within the Town of Bethlehem.  The rates are based per thousand of Taxable Assessed Value.
Property Tax Rates
2024Rate (per thousand)
Albany County3.809438
Town General Fund Tax1.091685
Delmar Fire District1.015599
Elsmere Fire District1.088702
Slingerlands Fire District1.448485
Selkirk Fire District1.644119
Elmwood Park Fire District2.446032
Advanced Life Support0.386165
Vista Lighting District0.402741
Water District #10.368546
Sewer District0.478363
     Front Footage0
Bethlehem Sewer Extension 80.478363
     Ext 8 Front Footage0
Spc Sewer Extension Fernbank0.478363
Skycrest Sewer Extension 100.478363
South Albany Sewer0.478363
Sewer Extension 130.478363
Lynhurst Sewer Ext0.478363
Sewer Extension 140.478363
     Ext 14 Front Footage0
Sewer Extension 150.478363
Sewer Extension 160.478363
Sewer Extension 170.478363
Outer Orchard Extension0.478363

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