Elected Representatives

Bethlehem Elected Officials

Albany County Representatives

Information on County Representatives can be found on the Albany County web site at



The Town of Bethlehem comprises nine county legislative districts or portions thereof, the distribution is as follows:

State Representatives

  • New York State Assembly member (107th Assembly District): Scott Bendett
  • New York State Assembly member (102nd Assembly District): Chris Tague
  • New York State Senator (46th Senate District): Neil Breslin

Federal Representatives

For more information on polling places, printable forms such as Voter Registration or Absentee Ballots, visit the Albany County Board of Elections online.

Additional Resources

For more information on elected representatives, contact:

  • Bethlehem Town Clerk: 518-439-4955, ext. 1183
  • Albany County Board of Elections: 518-487-5060
  • New York State Board of Elections: 518-474-6220
  • League of Women Voters of Albany County: 518-465-4162
  • Bethlehem Public Library: 518-439-9314