Delaware Ave Hamlet Enh Study Adv Committee

  • Virginia Acquario
  • Steve Bolduc
  • Robert Horn
  • Dianne Barber Kansas

  • Mark Kelly
  • BarbaraOstroff
  • Henry Peyrebrune
The town’s Comprehensive Plan recognizes that the Delaware Avenue Hamlet area, as well as the town’s other hamlets, helps to define a “sense of place” in the town. One of the stated goals stated in the Comp Plan is to “encourage compact, mixed use commercial and residential development / redevelopment in identified neighborhood commercial centers and hamlet centers throughout the town. Appropriate scale, design, and character, attention to the pedestrian environment, and connections to adjacent neighborhoods are critical to the success of such centers.”

The town was successful in securing a grant through the Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) to select a consultant to assist in developing this study. River Street Planning & Development LLC, located in Troy, NY has been selected as the consultant. They specialize in community and land use planning, public process facilitation, and economic development. Joining River Street on this effort will be Nelson / Nygaard Consulting Associates who specialize in transportation planning for livable communities and CLA SITE Landscape Architecture Engineering & Planning whose work includes municipal streetscape improvements and restoration.

Term of Appointment
The Delaware Avenue Hamlet Enhancement SAC will be active for the duration of the study period. All members will serve at the pleasure of the Town Board. There will be no compensation for the committee members.

Meeting Schedule
The study will commence during the summer of 2008. There will be approximately one committee meeting per month, which could include two to three public meetings or workshops held during the study period.

Potential Tasks

The SAC will be responsible for providing general guidance for the study, and reviewing interim and final work products and reports. It is envisioned that the members of the SAC will provide a sounding board and community perspective on study related issues, potential solutions and alternatives.

Study Objectives
  • Design guidelines / standards including building scale, massing, design and setbacks
  • Streetscape guidelines including a typical street cross section
  • Parking and circulation for vehicles and bicycles
  • Transportation improvements
  • Access Management
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