Sewer Rent and Permit Fees

Sewer Rent Rates

Effective January 2023

Sewer usage charges are billed based on metered water usage (except for customers with private water, who pay a standard charge).  These charges are billed quarterly, along with the water bills.

Sewer Rent

Sewer Rate TierRate
Metered CCF of public water consumption
$3.09 per CCF
Customer on private water supplies
$75.00 per quarter
Basic Service Fee 
There is a basic sewer service fee of $7.50 for every bill.
1.   All rates above are for customers within Town of Bethlehem Sewer Districts
2.   Out-of-district customers will be billed twice in-District rates
3.   A 10% late fee will be assessed on any bill not paid by the due date

Sewer Permits

Sewer permits are required for all sewer connections and repairs. A Sewer Service Connection Permit Application must be completed and brought to the Department of Public Works Office in Room 203 at Town Hall.  All connections and repairs also require an inspection.

Sewer Permit & Inspection Rates

Additional / Follow-up Inspections (including Repair Permits)
$60 each
($120 after hours, weekends)

A service charge of 1.5% per month for permit and inspection fees for balances due after 30 days.

Grease Trap Inspections

There will be no charge for initial inspections of grease traps.

First Re-inspection (Violation) Fee$250
Successive Re-inspection (Violation) Fees$500