Tobacco Retail License

Town Tobacco Retail License

The Town Board of the Town of Bethlehem adopted a local law that requires a Tobacco Retail License for the sale of tobacco products, electronic aerosol delivery systems, or another product regulated by section 1399-cc of the public health law.  All tobacco retailers in the Town of Bethlehem are required to obtain an annual license, which includes a restriction on selling vapor products within 1,000-feet of a school.

The license requirement went into effect in January 2021.  Please see the local law at Bethlehem Town Code Chapter 114 Tobacco and Vapor Product Sales (About Bethlehem > Town Code).

The Town Board has taken this initiative for the purpose of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its residents, particularly children and young adults.  The Department of Economic Development and Planning will oversee the application process for the annual license program with the assistance of the Building Division.

An application for a license for each individual store will need to be submitted to the Department by November 1 every year.  A fillable application form and list of frequently asked questions is available below.  A fee of $130 is required to accompany the application and a license issuance fee of $140 will be due upon approval.

Please mail or email the completed application form to:
Kathleen Reid (
          Bethlehem Department of Economic Development and Planning
          445 Delaware Avenue, Room 203
          Delmar, NY  10254

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