How is the determination made as to where to repave?
Every two to three years, the town does a system-wide road assessment on pavement condition where we rate the 175 miles of town highways. Two of our experienced paving crew leaders conduct the assessment for continuity purposes. We will be adding a sidewalk condition assessment to our program in the near future. This assessment gives us a basis on where we need to focus our efforts to preserve pavement integrity. Hopefully, this has provided some information on how and why our local road system is in good condition and our paving program is so successful. In response to these tight economic times, the funding level for our program has been cut by over 10% in the past two years. We will remain diligent in getting the best value for the taxpayer's dollar, while at the same time providing a quality road network that the town and its residents can be proud of.

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11. How is the determination made as to where to repave?
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