Zoning Update

Zoning code updates are underway and we need your input!  You can participate in a few ways.  Complete by Friday, June 23, 2023

Take the Development Preference Survey

To better understand the community’s interest in residential, commercial, and mixed-use development layout and design please take the survey. Your input will inform the zoning regulations related to density, architecture, building location, landscaping, screening, parking, intensity of use, etc.

Email Your Responses on the Activity Boards

Participants at the May 31, 2023 public workshop provided their feedback on a variety of land use, development, and environmental issues. Provided below are the activity station boards presented at the meeting. Please provide your answers and feedback by sending an email to bethlehemforward@townofbethlehem.org. Or if you prefer to markup the boards with your responses you can also submit to the Planning Department at Town Hall-445 Delaware Avenue, Delmar (2nd floor office).

Commercial Development Focus Areas Board

Commercial Development Focus Areas Handout

Large-Scale Solar Board

Large-Scale Solar Handout

Small Scale Solar Board

Watercourse and Floodplain Protection Board 1

Watercourse and Floodplain Protection Board 2

Wetland Protection Board

View the May 31, 2023 Public Workshop Video Recording

Video Recording
Presentation Slides

Responses to the Survey and Activity Boards will be accepted until Friday, June 23.



The Town has contracted with consultants Bergmann and Prospect Hill to assist with updates to the Town’s Zoning and Subdivision Codes (referred to here simply as Zoning.)

This Zoning Update will reflect the vision, values and guiding principles of the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan (June 2022).  The Comprehensive Plan is based on six overarching principles; Interwoven Equity, Livable Built Environment, Harmony with Nature, Resilient Economy, Healthy Community and Responsible Governance and Regionalism.

The Zoning Update will assist the Town Board, the Planning Board, and Town Department of Economic Development and Planning in codifying the policies and recommendations that are outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.  New land use regulations must appropriately address and guide new development and redevelopment within the community in an environmentally sustainable manner while also meeting the service demands that come with community growth.

The Zoning Code Update is partially funded through a NYSDOS Environmental Protection Fund Smart Growth Community Planning and Zoning Program grant.


Request for Proposals

Scope of Services – Bergmann and Prospect Hill


The Bethlehem Planning Board will serve as the advisory body during development of the project. Pursuant to Zoning Law 128-92, the Planning Board shall provide a final recommendation on the zoning updates to the Town Board, prior to Town Board adoption.  The consultant will attend several regularly scheduled Planning Board meetings coinciding with key milestones during the project to gather input and share its latest findings. As with all Planning Board meetings, these advisory sessions are open to the public. 

All Planning Board meetings that include Zoning Update sessions will be noted in the Meetings and Events section below, as well as through featured news items on the Town’s website. All meeting materials will be included on the associated Planning Board agenda (links to these agendas will be included below.) In addition, there will be several community workshops and stakeholder focus groups held throughout the course of the project. Meeting dates and materials will be included below and through featured news items.


UPCOMING: Public Workshop #1
Wednesday, 5/31/2023 | 6:00pm | Town Hall Auditorium

Join us for the first public workshop of the Town’s code update effort!  The meeting will begin with a brief presentation on the project scope and process, introduction to land use and smart growth principles, and launch of a visual community preference survey.  Attendees will also have an opportunity to visit breakout activity stations to discuss and provide feedback on key topic areas including land use, natural resources, and clean energy.

Planning Board Advisory Session #1
Tuesday, 3/21/2023 | 6:30pm | Town Hall Auditorium
Agenda and Materials
Video Recording

Consultant provided an overview of the project and led initial discussion with the Planning Board. Led a presentation about the various types of zoning that could be used in Bethlehem’s zoning update.