Online Assessment Roll

You can view the 2023 final assessments on SDG Image Mate Online.

The Image Mate Online system provides you with information on real property data maintained by the Town of Bethlehem Assessor's Office. The site allows you to view property information, structure information, exemption information, property sale information, and tax bill and payment information. The site also offers the capability to perform comparable property assessment and sales searches.  If you find a discrepancy on your property inventory, you may submit a feedback form to get it corrected.

How to Contest Your Assessment

Visit the New York State Office of Real Property Services website to obtain a form and instructions on how to file for a review of your assessment (formal grievance). Grievance forms and procedures are also available in the Assessor’s Office and through the website.

“Why pay for something that you can do for free?”

As a homeowner, you may grieve your assessment yourself directly with our Assessor’s Office. Our Image Mate Online  information will help you compare your assessment with other similar properties. You can then fill out the forms provided online and file your grievance directly with our Assessor’s Office at any time prior to, or on, Grievance Day. If after the Board of Assessment’s Review's decision you are still not satisfied with your assessment, you still have time to explore other options.

The Image Mate Online system is by far the easiest way to view assessment and property information. You can also view the 2023 Final Assessment Roll in paper form in the Assessor’s Office or download a copy, below (note:  these are very large PDF files).

2022 Final Assessment Roll (this is a large PDF)

2023 Final Assessment Roll (this is a large PDF)