Property Tax Maps

Property tax maps show the lot lines, the block and lot numbers, the street names, lot dimensions, and easements of parcels within town. Property tax maps are organized and identified by Section, Block and Lot number (SBL#). The number can be found on your annual property or school tax bill. You can also find the SBL# of your property by searching the Image Mate Online system.  A link to Tax Maps is also provided on the Image Mate Online system.
If you prefer, you can check the area of your parcel using the two index maps (north and south.) Note the section number in the index map, and then find the link for the corresponding tax map.

Note: Property tax maps are maintained by Albany County Office of Real Property for assessment purposes only. While we provide a link to their website, we do not maintain them and we are not responsible for errors or omissions they may contain. The maps are not intended for determining the boundaries of property, or for any other use where surveys would normally be required.
Albany County Office of Real Property Tax Maps