I saw a wild animal near my residence, what do I do?

Bobcats, coyotes, fishers, foxes, birds of prey, and bears have been seen in Town, this is not unusual.  The Animal Control Officer tries to monitor unusual occurrences with these animals and keep NYSDEC informed.  All of these animals are under DEC's responsibility (518-357-2450) not the Town's.  Under an emergency situation (as with a suspected rabid animal), the ACO or any member of the police department can take action to protect the public.  The ACO advises people not to leave pets or children out unattended, not to feed pets outside, thoroughly clean grills after use, and not to leave any garbage available to attract wildlife.  Cats especially should be kept indoors.  Even bird feeders should not be used from early March to late November.  Small children should always be under supervision.

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