Are there any places where I can see a “complete street”?
  • Albany implemented a complete street program on Madison Avenue between South Allen and Lark St.
  • Menands recently implemented a complete street project on Van Rensselaer Blvd between Northern Blvd and Menands Rd.

One note:  The Albany complete streets project included on-street parking.  The Delaware Ave Complete Streets project will not add or remove on-street parking.  Instead, it will create a center turn lane and wide shoulders with room for bus stops and cyclists.

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1. What will the complete streets project do?
2. Is it reasonable to slow down commuters just for cyclists?
3. Why not just lower the speed limit?
4. Isn’t this a bad time for a major road project?
5. Is Delaware Ave Elsmere’s Main Street or a high-speed commuter corridor?
6. Are there any places where I can see a “complete street”?
7. How have residents and businesses been involved with and informed about this project?