Why not just lower the speed limit?

The state DOT strongly advises against lowering speed limits without making physical changes to a roadway. Even with increased enforcement and education, results across New York have shown that lowering a speed limit has little effect on actual speeds, with the Cherry Ave Extension in Slingerlands and Feura Bush Rd in Glenmont as local examples.  To achieve slower speeds, physical changes to the roadway are a must.

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1. What will the complete streets project do?
2. Is it reasonable to slow down commuters just for cyclists?
3. Why not just lower the speed limit?
4. Isn’t this a bad time for a major road project?
5. Is Delaware Ave Elsmere’s Main Street or a high-speed commuter corridor?
6. Are there any places where I can see a “complete street”?
7. How have residents and businesses been involved with and informed about this project?