What does the town do with my property tax?
Property taxes must be paid annually by anyone who owns a property within the borders of the Town of Bethlehem. These property taxes are compiled and billed on one invoice and paid to one location, but are redistributed to several different taxing districts as money is received. These external taxing districts include Albany County and one of five local fire districts. The funds that remain at the town, including ambulance, general, highway, water, and sewer fund collections, are used for a number of things, most of which remains local.

Property tax collections go to a number of important programs. Among them are water and sewer collection and distribution, road construction and maintenance, policing, and local government staff salaries.

Property taxes also help to pay for much of the organized recreation within town, including parkland and other recreation areas that are constructed and maintained within the town. Traffic and street lights, sidewalks, and recreational trails are all paid for through local property tax collections.

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