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Police Interaction Response Form

  1. The Town of Bethlehem Police Department proudly serves the residents and visitors of the Town of Bethlehem, NY. Our focus is to better serve the public and build relationships with the community. We have created this form that allows community members who have had contact with the members of our department to share their experiences with us. Please fill it out, required fields are denoted with an asterisk, and if requested a member of the department will be in contact.
  2. Interaction Type*
  3. Nature of Interaction*
  4. Please list all information in regards to your interaction
  5. Would you like a supervisor to contact you in regards to your interaction with the Bethlehem Police?*
  6. If you are submitting a complaint, would you be willing to sign a sworn statement in regards to the matter?
    This may be required to pursue the complaint depending on the circumstances. Further details and explanation on this can be provided by a supervisor if you so request.
  7. Additional Information
    If you are submitting a complaint a supervisor will contact you within 72 hours to inform you of the next steps of the process. To file a complaint you can also contact a supervisor directly at 518-439-9973 or in person at the Bethlehem Police Department, 447 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, NY 12054.
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