Playing Fields

Note: All Playing Fields are open, and may be reserved by organizations who have contacted the Parks and Recreation Department and completed all required paperwork.

Playing fields can be found at various parks around Bethlehem.  All playing fields, concessions areas, and seating areas are tobacco-free zones. Thank you for your cooperation. The parks with playing fields include:

Location Fields
Elm Avenue Park 4 softball fields
2 baseball fields
9 soccer fields
3 lacrosse fields
Line Drive 2 softball fields
3 baseball fields
Henry Hudson Park 1 softball field
Selkirk Park 1 softball field
South Bethlehem Park 1 softball field
Town Hall 1 small baseball field


Most playing fields may be reserved on a limited basis by town-based organizations.  A field request form, a certificate of insurance naming the Town of Bethlehem as the additional insured, and a complete practice and game schedule are required.  To check availability, call the park office at 518-439-4955, option 7.


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